Have you ever wondered how a copywriter can effectively generate high-quality content with inbound links that meets Google’s specific standards? We take a closer look at the importance of inbound links as well as the best way to include them within copy and we consider how the use of these digital marketing tools can improve credibility and impact on created content. But first, let’s start with the basics, to offer insight into exactly what inbound links are, and why they are so valuable for businesses and so essential for copywriters.

Inbound links: The basics

A standard tool used by copywriters and marketing agencies, inbound links are a vital part of attracting an audience to created content. Also often referred to as a ‘backlink,’ this common way to boost SEO is a widely used tool to demonstrate to Google that the content on a page is high-quality, useful and valuable to the reader. Inbound links are as the name suggests; they are hyperlinks within the copy on a website that links to other pages within the same site.

Often, the use of inbound links is combined with the use of relevant keywords for the best possible effect. For example, a blog post that talks about the different birthstones and their meanings on a website for jewelry may include inbound links to relevant pages under keywords such as ‘gold necklace,’ or ‘personalized jewelry.’ Inbound links are designed to offer optimum, and relevant, navigation around a website in a way Google recognizes as being valuable. This is based on the specific algorithm that the platform uses to rank pages effectively. Content that is long-form, organic and, importantly, contains inbound links is far more likely to be seen than copy that doesn’t tick any of those boxes.

So what does it mean if your content is well-formulated with relevant inbound links? Essentially, it means that the material is both more readable and valuable for your audience, in addition to meeting Google’s requirements to reach the top of the rankings. If done correctly, there are few advantages to inbound linking.

Copywriters: What they do, and how to hire one

If you’re wondering exactly what does a copywriter do, you’re not alone. A copywriter for hire covers a vast range of different industries, writing styles, content requirements, and more. But one thing that is always constant is that copywriters provide a service for the creation and generation or articulate content. For use on anything from websites to blogs, social media to marketing materials. If you’re considering a copywriter for hire for your business or brand, then there are a few factors to consider.

First of all, the things you should look for in a copywriter for hire is the ability to provide high-quality, consistent content that meets all your expectations. This could be a specific understanding of your industry, the ability to produce content that is entirely in line with your brand messaging, or the ability to create SEO-focused work for your website. Whatever your requirements, having a good idea of what you need is the best place to start.

Their experience and any samples are great ways to view their work before you choose who to hire. By knowing what you want from a service, it’s possible to pick one that’s a better fit for your needs. Many copywriters are adept at working across a range of genres, as well as the research required to do so. This means that a copywriter for hire doesn’t have to be someone who has specifically worked in your industry before unless the content you require is very high-level and requires trained expertise.

Now you have a better understanding of what inbound links are, and what copywriters do when it comes to creating content. We can move on to how, exactly, a copywriter can generate the right kind of material for you – as well as for Google. Inbound links are a large part of this process, especially when it comes to creating SEO-rich content that has value and purpose; something that places your brand far higher on the search engine’s algorithm as ‘spun’ content or copy without worth.

What do copywriters do with inbound links?

We’ve covered the basics of inbound links, including some of their purposes when it comes to creating high-quality content for websites and blogs. But as for how copywriters utilize inbound links, that’s a little more complicated. Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are typically an internal link, or internal links, to different pages within a domain. Whether it’s other blog posts, product pages, contact us forms, or anything else. For copywriters, link building is one of the most vital services they offer to businesses, helping companies to climb the ranks of Google by establishing content. This is achieved by working with the Google algorithm to produce content that has value to the reader.

In fact, according to a study by Google Search Quality, the majority of top-rated websites focus on the developing of link building via inbound links as well as the creation of consistent, quality content. It’s these two factors that set them aside from other businesses and their direct competition, and it’s copywriters that provide this service to get them there. With effective copywriting, it’s far easier to climb Google’s rankings legitimately, by providing content that’s suitable for your audience.

While some companies attempt to ‘game’ Google with tricks and loopholes, opting to produce excellent quality content is the best way to get there, while also making your brand more appealing to customers. The point of the majority of businesses websites is to sell a product or service; with copywriting that is high-quality and persuasive, getting potential customers to call, email, or purchase is far more manageable.

Why are inbound links so important?

Inbound links are such a crucial copywriting investment for businesses because they are, in part, used by search engine bots to sort which content is relevant, and which isn’t. A website with copy that contains inbound links and high-quality content consistently throughout is far more likely to improve its place in Google rankings. This means more website clicks, more views, and more chance to speak to the target audience of potential customers you want to reach.

With Google’s algorithms now so sophisticated when it comes to organizing which websites are relevant and which aren’t, it’s more important than ever that inbound links are done professionally. This means creating links that are authoritative, relatable, and above all, relevant for their placement. Creating copy that isn’t high quality or readily readable is one of the first mistakes many businesses make. Another is keyword stuffing, often combined with inbound links to artificially create as many connections between pages as quickly as possible.

But these methods are far less effective than simply producing copy that’s of high quality and is designed to be read by people rather than bots. Placing inbound links randomly into text – or even using outbound links – is no longer the correct method to improve search rankings. Working with a copywriter for hire to create inbound links that are organic within copy is the best way to achieve this. Not only does this allow you to place the generation of inbound links into the hands of a professional, but it also ensures that your content is correctly written and relatable the first time around.

How are inbound links generated and transformed into copy?

Before any content is produced by a copywriter, generating and developing inbound links is required far beyond any words are committed to the page. Known as link building, this process involves extensively researching and examining the copy you want to create, and its relevance to other content on the site as a whole. This means having a good understanding of the target audience, and which inbound links would be most useful and relevant for the content to be created.

The goal of inbound links, in terms of the intentions of Google’s algorithm, is to provide readers with relevant information beyond the page they are on. For example, if the content you create references necklaces, while the main body of content is about a guide to earrings, then you could include an inbound link to the already created guide to chokers. A copywriter for hire can carry out this research for you, enabling copy to be created that both benefits your business as well as potential readers.

Once this research has been completed, a copywriter can then transform those relevant links into part of the created content. There are several methods that a copywriter can use to create effective copy, including:

Utilising relevant keywords

Keywords are another vital part of the Google algorithm and are some of the main ways that readers will find your content. You’re likely already familiar with keywords, but a copywriter for hire will be able to expand upon that knowledge to reach an even more diverse range of readers. By utilizing long-form keywords such as questions in addition to 2-3 word options, there is far more of a chance of better rankings, and improved views on your website.

Skyscraper content

Also known as the skyscraper technique, this method involves researching what is already out there, that is link-worthy, then creating better content. Based on this technique, content should be at least 1,000 words and should be built on content that already exists to add further value and maximize the ability to share via social media platforms. This method, specifically, leads to longer content – but also vastly improves the chance for your rankings to grow quickly and effectively.

Longform copy with multiple backlinks

Longform is the ideal choice when it comes to producing copy that’s impactful in terms of your website visibility. Generally, this means text over 3,000 words in length, with multiple backlinks or inbound links across the span of the content. This goes hand in hand with creating credible content, using outside sources to lend weight and truth to your content. If you’re trying to improve the appearance of your brand on Google rankings, then long-form copy is a must.

What else do copywriters do to make link-built content appealing?

For some businesses, the concept of investing in content directly designed for link-building can seem highly technical. But by working with a copywriter for hire, you can create content that’s not only designed to be professional but also high-quality. This is especially true for businesses with a distinct brand identity or style of content, where simply producing generic copy wouldn’t fit. While one of the primary purposes of creating copy is to improve rankings and gain additional views to your platform, spamming links isn’t the way to go.

For building SEO and improving the visibility of your brand, inbound links are a serious consideration, especially in addition to outbound links for authority, clarity, and trustworthiness. As part of a content plan, the creating of backlink-rich, high-quality content should be at the top of your list. Variety is also key to grabbing the attention of potential customers and appeasing Google’s bots, so ensure the content created is 100% unique to you.

A website populated with content solely designed for SEO purposes is more likely to be penalized by Google, so ensure the copy you’re producing is relevant to your audience, has value to them and says something. Whether this means creating informative infographics, providing online guides to products and services, or even offering educational articles, varying your content is something that a copywriter for hire can provide — making your website enjoyable and informative for your customers while remaining on-point to meet your SEO objectives.

Key takeaways

Inbound links are a vital, compelling, and essential addition to your SEO strategy. These links offer a unique opportunity to improve your visibility on search rankings and connect different parts of your website to funnel information to your customers. Follow links are an excellent way to make use of this. For those still unsure about how best to apply inbound links to your content, take a look at some of the top-ranked websites in your industry to see exactly how useful backlinks can be for any business.

Ready to dive into inbound linking and SEO?

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