PPC Management Services

PPC Management Services 

PPC is an advertising method a company executes by placing paid text or display advertisements on search engine web results pages or website pages. The owner of the ad pays a small fee when web users click the ad. Each click will open up your business profile, website, goods or services to the visitor. In essence, you are buying visitors who may become clients.

At The Collective, our PPC specialists are Google Ads and Bing Ads certified. Our client services team will work with you to determine your growth goals, revenue mix aims, and then build and scale a ppc strategy to meet your needs. 

You will retain control of your budget, we will simply act as administrators; providing status reports and a variety of other deliverables to drive down your costs and increase your acquisitions. 

Outcomes: The Collective will focus your build to drive results. We do this through the following elements;

  • User intent keyword phrases

  • Salient copy and actionable intent

  • Creative configuration including ad extensions

  • Landing page design 

  • Conversion analytics